Hennes - the billy goat of FC Köln Mascot

There is a billy goat in the emblem of FC Köln, it's name is Hennes. He is an animal mascot for FC Köln, one of the German association football club which is based in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia and play in the Bundesliga. "Hennes" is taken from a player and coach in combination named Hennes Weißweiler.  This club's nickname is Die Geißböcke ("The Billy Goats") refers to the mascot. 

Hennes I, a living billygoat bestowed by Carola Williams to the club as a lucky charm during carnival in 1950. Since 1950 FC Köln had eight "Hennes" billy goats. Hennes I (1950-1966); Hennes II (1966-1970); Hennes III (1970-1975); Hennes IV (1975-1982); Hennes V (1982-1989); Hennes VI (1989-1996); Hennes VII (1996 - 2008); Hennes VIII (2008 - now).

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FC Köln logo makes sense is this very old sheep. Is indicative of his age-old do?
I think the club no vitality. But look at his club football shirt , above this flag is still possible.

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