Sallie - Mascot of the 11th PA Volunteer Infantry Regiment.

Sallie was the mascot of the 11th PA Volunteer Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. She was a pug-nosed brindle bull terrier. The men named her after one of the local beauties in West Chester, PA, the site of training. Sallie started out as a puppy and stayed loyal to the regiment through many battles. She passed away on February 6, 1865 by getting shot through the head during the war. The men buried her on the field of battle under heavy enemy fire.

In 1890, the surviving members of the 11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry dedicated a monument on Oak Ridge of the Gettysburg Battlefield, Pennsylvania, United States of America. The monument is dedicated to all those of the 11th Pennsylvania Infantry who fought and died at that great battle. At the base of the statue is a bronze likeness of a little dog. It is Sallie.. A loyal dog and full of love for her men that they insisted she be remembered on 'their' monument, for all time..

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It's always nice to see Sallie and the faithful dogs of the Civil War remembered! You can read more about them here:

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