Brian Boru - Mascot of the Royal Irish Regiment

Brian Boru I was presented as mascot by a Major Hayes in 1970. Major Hayes was an officer in the Royal Irish Rangers. Brian Boru I was a dog, an Irish wolfhound (Canis lupus familiaris) and and this hound was shown on several occasions, as was the then Irish Guards' mascot, which was Fionn. This first Royal Irish Rangers mascot was registered as Sanctuary Connaire Mor and was bred by the Misses Harrison & Atfield, by Sanctuary Knight of Kerry ex Sanctuary Monica, whelped December 30th 1969.

Brian Boru became the mascot of the Royal Irish Regiment when it was formed in 1992 with the amalgamation of the Royal Irish Rangers and the Ulster Defence Regiment. The name Brian Boru was to be used for all succeeding mascots, with just the addition of a Roman numeral to denote succession. The present mascot is Brian Boru VX.

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